Portable Mini Door Stopper Alarm


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Portable Mini Door Stopper Alarm

  • Access control alarm, 120DB siren, door security wedge, anti-theft door block, anti-theft thief, suitable for family residence hotel, university travel hotel room, super loud and portable.
  • [Dual function]-This alarm can be a doorstop alarm or a doorstop. A 120-decibel alarm will sound when the button is pressed. When the ON/OFF switch is pressed, it can also be used as an ordinary doorstop, and its high damping rubber bearing can prevent the door from sliding.
  • [120 dB siren]-When door pressure is applied, a very loud 120 dB alarm is helpful to wake up/remind the homeowner or tenant, help stop intruders, and may notify neighbors (within 300 feet / 1000 feet) Heard). When you are in danger, you can also press the alarm to scare off intruders.
  • [3 sensitivity levels and easy to use]-High/medium/low sensitivity can be turned off by the adjustable sensitivity switch on the side. No need to install it, just put the door security alarm under the door (house, hotel, etc.) and turn on the switch.
  • [Premium]-Stainless steel cover for anti-wear. They have been rigorously tested to prove that they can be used safely. The door alarm is powered by a 9V battery and can be used for one year under normal conditions. (Note: the battery is not included)
  • [Practical and portable]-Small size, convenient for travel or business trip. It is very convenient to carry when traveling or staying indoors alone. They can be installed under any door 0.1 to 1.5 inches from the floor.
  • Doorstop alarms provide a practical and inexpensive way to help protect yourself and your property. Whether you are alone or not, you will fall asleep better, knowing that the door alarm can provide a barrier between you and any shocking sounds that occur outside the bedroom. There are three gauge pressure sensors. You can adjust it according to your needs.
  • -The door alarm is a good solution that can help strengthen the existing home alarm system, or it can be used alone in the bedroom, dormitory, hotel room or apartment. The alarm sounds up to 120 dB, can be heard 1,000 feet away (the length of a standard-sized football field), and sounds when door pressure is applied. Likewise, non-slip mats help prevent the door from opening.
  • -The door stop is powered by a battery, with a built-in alarm, powered by a 9V battery (not included). It does not require any wiring or complicated installation. Just open it and place it firmly behind the door that opens inward, and the “Dormitory Stop Alarm” can be set in a few seconds. The doorstop alarm can work on almost all floor surfaces (including carpets).
  • -This convenient gadget is very suitable for bedrooms, apartments and dormitories and hotel rooms when traveling. The compact and portable design makes it a perfect travel companion. Easily store in a travel bag, suitcase, briefcase or backpack, providing more protection anytime, anywhere. Personal self-defense necessities when traveling at home or in a hotel.
  • Package: 1*Door stop alarm (Not include 9V battery)


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