Neck Pain Support Brace


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  • L-7.5cm
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  • M-7.5cm
  • M-9cm
  • S-7.5cm
  • S-9cm
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Neck Pain Support Brace

  • Provide better support and pain relief, reduce spine pressure, adjust the posture and stabilize vertebrae.
  • Non rigid neck protection will also relieve headaches caused by neck strains and sprains, and help with rehabilitation and injury support after cervical spine surgery.
  • Keep your cervical spine from squeezing during sleep.
  • Improve your sleep quality(like:Reduce snoring).
  • Wear it to relieve fatigue at work.
  • Correction of the cervical spine to provide stable cervical spine support.
  • Prevent head down.

Product maintenance tips

  • Please stick the Velcro tightly before washing to avoid sticking or damaging your
  • other clothes. It is best to wash this product separately. Since the cover of our product is cotton, please be careful not to let the Velcro stick to the cotton part, otherwise, it will be easy to pilling.
  • Please use a neutral laundry detergent to wash this product by hand at a temperature of 30°C. Please do not use fabric softener, do not bleach, do not machine wash, and do not dry clean.
  • Do not wring out the product vigorously after washing. You can squeeze it with your hands or use a dry towel to absorb excess water. Please dry this product in a ventilated and dry place at room temperature. Please do not iron, dry or expose it directly to the sun.
  • The cleaning frequency can be determined according to the frequency of use of the protective gear (recommended to be cleaned 3-5 times a month). Any high-quality product can only be extended its service life with careful care. Regular cleaning can maintain the elasticity of the fabric.

What Problems Can Cervical Spondylosis Cause?

  • 1. Visual impairment
  • 2. Dizziness, headache,migraine and upper limb numbness
  • 3. Heart discomfort
  • 4. High blood pressure
  • (Cervical spondylosis can cause secondary hypertension, which is called neck-originated hypertension in medicine.)
  • 5. Difficulty swallowing
  • 6. Stomach discomfort

Compared with other similar products, our advantages are:

  • 1.This product adopts an ergonomic V-shaped design, more comfortable to wear,avoid problems such as easy neck stiffness.
  • 2.High elastic sponge and foamed plastic are used for multi-layer superposition to provide soft but higher strength support.
  • 3.This product uses lightweight fabrics to not hurt the skin.
  • 4.We will give you a nylon or cotton neck brace cover, which can be removed and cleaned.
  • 5.High quality Velcro.
  • 6.Brand products,and has a patent certificate, quality is guaranteed!


  • Color:Gray
  • Material:Nylon+Sponge+PP+Modal+Cotton
  • Size: S, M, L
  • S-7.5cm: 28cm-34cm               Neck height:7.5cm
  • S-9cm: 28cm-34cm                  Neck height:9cm
  • M-7.5cm: 34cm-42cm               Neck height:7.5cm
  • M-9cm:34cm-42cm                 Neck height:9cm
  • L-7.5cm:42-50cm                     Neck height:7.5cm
  • L-9cm:42-50cm                      Neck height:9cm

Package Included

  • 1*Stabillized Neck Brace
  • 1*Paper Ruler
  • 1*Cervical Spine Rehabilitation Training Booklet
  • 1*Manual
  • 1*Neck Brace Cover (gift randomly)

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