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STRONG HANDLE & SAFETY MATERIALS: It is one-piece design, which is not easy to slip. The waterproof switch is a key to open and can waterproof, which is very durable. The stainless steel screw is durable too. And the power cord is the Insulation and flame-retardant material packaging, which is safe and waterproof. It only needs 1-15 minute time control.

PORTABLE & ECONOMICAL & USING FRIENDLY: It is a mini size hand wahsing machine, which is very useful for people who travels, Bachelors, Hostel Peoples and for a single person to get away with their washing needs. Most of you would not like to wash the cloth in your hands or use the traditioner washing machine which will bring you a high expensive electricity fee when you are outside or alone. Therefore this portable machine can greatly save your time and reduce your electricity fee.

EASY OPERATION: You just need a Bucket and fill it water up to minimum water level mark of the machine, and then Place the washing machine inside the bucket and lock the clamp.And add detergent power in the water Switching on the machine and In 5 minutes wash cycle gets over and the clothes are ready for rinse and dry, which is very useful and easily.

WARNINGS: 1.Keep adding clothes up to 5lbs; 2.Don’t overload bucket with clothes that the machine runs smoothly; 3.Always switch off the machine before taking out the clothes from the buckets; 4.Do not put your hand while washing the clothes; 5.Always keep the machine out of the reach of children.


  • Features: anti-winding
  • Degree of automation: semi-automatic
  • Washing kg: 3-5kg
  • Product size :443*176mm
  • Suitable for: single people/students/travelers
  • Gross weight: 3 kg
  • Power: 150 w
  • Product features: mother and baby washing, anti-winding
  • Product type: hand-held washing machine
  • Control mode: mechanical control
  • Box material: plastic
  • Plug specification: European regulation
  • Energy efficiency rating: level 2


  • MIGHTY & EFFICIENT – Built with a strong motor that operates at 800 RPM. Remove stains in as fast as 15 minutes, from up to 6.60 lbs of clothes. A timer helps limit use of energy and water.
  • FLEXIBLE & STABLE – Small bucket? Don’t fret. Simply adjust the washing machine’s length. An anti-resistance groove enables the machine to clip on securely, preventing falls and spills.T
  • TRAVEL FRESH & CLEAN – Lightweight at only 5.50 lbs. This machine’s lean build lets it pack away neatly in your luggage. A carry handle makes it easy to carry. Ideal for camping and short trips.E
  • EASY TO OPERATE – This portable washing machine comes fully assembled and ready to use. All you need is your dirty laundry, detergent, a bucket, and a socket. Switch it open and start cleaning!1
  • 100% CLEANLINESS & SATISFACTION – We are proud of our small yet powerful washing machine’s capabilities and durability.

Operation Steps

  • 1. fixed the washing machine on the bucket.
  • 2. Put in clothes and water.
  • 3.Timing 15 minutes
  • 4.Start cleaning clothes.
  • Notes:
  • 1. Don’t put more than two-thirds of the water and clothing in the barrel.
  • 2. Before washing, make sure there are no foreign bodies in your pocket. Such as coins, paper towels, etc.
  • 3. Do not touch water or clothes with your hands while washing machine is working.
  • 4. Keep the product clean after use.

  • This product is compact, compact shape with great flexibility, so that you can easily carry, can be used in many occasions.
  • When traveling, you can put the product in your backpack. Wherever you go, dirty clothes can be easily cleaned with electricity and buckets.
  • In the RV, the product is compact and does not occupy space. It is the best choice to go camping.
  • During business trips, it is not convenient to clean clothes, and clothes will smell after a long time. You can use this product to wash clothes quickly.
  • In dormitory life, when you do not want to wash clothes, and do not want to rush to the laundry, this product is easy to move and accept, to solve your laundry troubles.

  • For a large family, a separate laundry need may be required. Our portable washing machine can better solve this problem.
  • For families with children, the baby’s clothing requires special care. This product can be used to clean children’s clothing and protect children’s health.
  • When you have a pet in your home, the pet’s clothing needs to be cleaned separately. This product can be used to clean pet supplies.
  • If you have a separate laundry requirement, you can use this product to clean your personal clothing. Such as shirts, underwear, socks, etc.
  • You can also use this product to clean some dirty things. Such as oily rags, dish towels, tablecloths, etc.

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