Magnetic Knife Tool Holder


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  • 33cm
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  • 50cm
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  • Package include:1x Magnetic Knife Holder.
  • Material: rubber and magnet
  • Features: powerful wall-mounted magnetic knife holder


  • A Product : 33×4.8×1.4cm
  • B Product : 38×4.8×1.4cm
  • C Product: 50×4.8×1.4cm
  • D Product: 55×4.8×1.4cm

Product advantage

  • Magnetic knife tool holder is firmly fixed for easy to storage knives, kitchen utensils and metal tools.
  • Compact, convenient and practical bracket. Suitable for kitchens, workshops or garages.
  • Easy installation with the screws.
  • The magnetic memory stick can be attached to any wall.

Magnetic tool holder installation method:

  • Remove the back of the shank (please note) and measure the spacing between the two screw holes.
  • Drill two holes in the wall according to the spacing.
  • Insert the white screw into the hole in the wall.
  • Place the back of the knife bar on the wall, making sure to align the holes and secure the screws on both sides.
  • Place the rest of the wall (with magnetic strip) that has been attached to it.


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