Large Water Container 10L Dispenser


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Large Water Container 10L Dispenser

  • The water container features the food-grade PC material to be filled with boiling water without deformation, and it is light and saves space, and it is convenient to carry, strong and durable, which is suitable for car self-driving and camping, with high-temperature resistance, and it is easy to clean, no smell, strong toughness
  • We only use food-grade PC materials for the container to ensure that no secondary recycling or recycled materials are used, and the produced bucket is non-toxic, odor-free, and it does not contain bisphenol A, safe to use.
  • The water container features the handle design, and the handle of the container conforms to the ergonomic grip design, and the grip is comfortable and convenient.
  • The water container features a humanized faucet design, rotating faucet, free adjustment of water output, and it is easy to use, there are silicone seal rings inside and outside the faucet to ensure no water leaking.
  •  The mouth of the water container s easy to clean and the hand can be easily extended into the water container for cleaning. And it is clean and hygienic, and the lid of it is sturdy. There is a sealing ring inside to ensure that there is no leaking. The use of a perforated lid makes the water flow more smoothly.


  • Capacity: 10L
  • Silicone plug hole size: 13MM/0.51in
  • Color: transparent blue
  • Weight: 0.65kg
  • Size: 22x20x31cm/8.66×7.87×12.20in
  • Material: PC-7
  • Uses: wine and beverage, food plastic container, wine container, tea sets, outdoor car storage containers, fermentation containers

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