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Electroporation Mesotherapy LED Photon Light Therapy RF EMS Skin Rejuvenation Face Lifting Tighten Massage Beauty Machine

Face Tightening Machine: Good for face daily beauty skin care, it has R-F, EMS, 6 L-E-D colorful lights mode function. It helps improve firming wrinkles, tightening, deep cleaning, remover blackheads and acne, smoothing eye bags and whitening. You could get your own professional skin care at home.

Anti aging device has 6 L-E-D Light Modes: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Pink and Pink flashing light modes. This facial lifting machine can improve fine lines and face lifting, make facial skin more tighten and will not cause any damage to skin.

R-F Facial Firming Device: Give your skin warm massage, improve the relaxed skin condition in a fast way, fit for different type of skin, make you younger with smoother skin.

EMS massager function is for comprehensive skin care and deep cleanse, shrink pores and make your skin keep young, bright and elastic. When you use this device, you must touch the metal sheet on both sides, you can feel the E-M-S, it’s a slight tingling.

Face lifting machine has portable and unique sesign: Combine R-F/EMS with colorful light modes. R-F/EMS can offer skin warm massage and then have a good condition for skin, tighten and lift the skin. 1) The face beauty massager will shut off use after 10 minutes of use automatically. 2) Recommend to use it for 15-20 minutes one time, 2-3 times/week.


  • Use Time: 10mins/time
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Standby Time: 40 Days
  • Power Supply: Charging by USB


  • Lead In Nutrition
  • Nourishing & Anti-Wrinkles
  • Tightening & Lifting
  • Remove Acne & Whitening


EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Mesoporation, Electroporation, RF( Radio Frequency), LED

1. EMS(microcurrent): Electroporation import-Special currents activate the skin cells,make the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer.
2. RF(radio frequency): For detoxfication,lymphaticc drainage,improve blood circulation.
3. 6 LED Photon Light Skin Care

  • Red light – promotes collagen regeneration and restores skin elasticity,face lifting,skin rejuvenation
  • Green light – decompose melanin and brightens skin
  • Blu-ray – antiphlogistic and sterilization, improve skin roughness and repair damage,acne remover
  • Yellow light – brighten skin tone and improve dullness
  • Pink  – brightening skin
  • Pink flashing – enhances the penetration of cosmetic liquids

Package Includes :

1. Main unit x1
2. English Manual x1
3. Power line x1
4. Charging stand x1
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