Electric foot Massager bath spa


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Relaxing Bubble Massage – The foot massager including two row 40 bubbling water jets that completely envelopes your entire foot, toes, heels, and ankles with oxygen-rich bubbles. Deep massage and soothing relaxing stroke of warm water by gently stroking your feet.

Gentle Vibration Massage – A soothing vibration massage is perfect for stressed and painful feet. To achieve optimum results, it is recommended that the massage lasts no longer than 40 minutes max.

Two Detachable Massager Rollers – The massager rollers can release tension and pressure in your feet as well as improving feelings of general well-being and set you up for a better night’s sleep.

Infrared Light Therapy – The soothing infrared light spots boost circulation and stimulate the reflex zones. The feet can be rested gently on the light spots.

PORTABLE SMALL HOME FOOT SPA – After a long day, your tired ACHING feet are killing you. This foot massage bucket is everything you need to RELIEVE STRESS, fatigue, and enjoy physical and mental RELAXATION

SPA BUBBLES AND RED LIGHT THERAPY significantly improve blood circulation, relieve MUSCLE PAIN, promote better IMMUNITY and deep SLEEP. You can add a few drops of essential oil or some salt to achieve even better results and get a FRESH FEELING for your feet

ADJUSTABLE WATER TEMPERATURE – Our hot spa whirlpool can help you with SWELLING, redness, throbbing, and SOFTEN hard areas of your feet and toes

EASY TRANSPORTATION – There are many heated foot baths or soakers on the market but most of them are bulky and hard to store. Our footspa tub is FOLDABLE, compact, and easy to store and carry

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