Electric Can Opener


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Electric Can Opener

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This automatic and electric tin opener is now more powerful than ever before! It offers single-touch action for the hands free way to remove awkward tin lids. Its one touch operation is safe and hygienic. No straining and no sharp edges! Hands-Free Can Opener makes opening any can quick, easy and hassle free whether it’s round or ring-pull.

  • Quick: Open any tin or can quickly, without fuss
  • Ergonomic design: As comfortable to hold as it is easy to use
  • Magnet: The automatic can opener has a built in magnet for clean convenient disposal of lids
  • No more struggle: For those who struggle with their joints or muscles, this is so much easier. One touch button, no complicated settings
  • Power: By 2×AA batteries (not included)

Method of Application

  • To assure that the cutter is in the proper position, press and hold the reset button until the motor stops
  • Place the Electric Can Opener on top of the can with the rim of the can positioned in the groove of the cutter at the bottom of the Electric Can Opener
  • With the can on a flat surface, press the Start Button firmly for about one second and release it once the Electric Can Opener starts to cut the can. The Electric Can Opener will stop automatically, which means the can has been opened.When the cutting has been completed, lift the Electric Can Opener off the can. For your convenience, a magnet in the centre of the Electric Can Opener will pick up the lid as well.


  • The cutter will not operate when the bottom cover is removed from the unit.
  • If the cutter is in the correct position, the motor will not start when the reset button is pressed .
  • The cutter will not operate unless it is positioned correctly on the rim of the can.
  • The cut edge of the can should be treated with care even smooth because the edge is thin enough to cause harm.


  • To install (and remove) 2 AA batteries into (from) the battery compartment (according to the polarity (+/-), slide back the bottom cover by holding the unit with the bottom facing up and the narrow end toward you.
  • Place each thumb on each side of the magnet and pull toward you. The battery cover will snap off for easy removal.


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