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  • Clean Air Environment:It can help to eliminate the peculiar smell produced by the leather cushions of new car, smell of sweat on the steering wheel and buttons, smell of second-hand smoke and the toxic gases emitted by cars.
  • Easy to Install:Hang the exhaust fan vent on the auto door glass, avoid leaving gaps in the window. It can be used continuously on rainy days.
  • Wear Resistance:High-efficiency three-turbine exhaust fan 3,500 rpm.One-piece window-mounted, plug-in-free installation line, no damage to the vehicle.
  • Environment : When using Polycrystalline solar panels, no power supply is required to charge the battery. Sunlight can be absorbed by the solar energy and converted into electricity and make the fan operate,reduce the environmental pollution.


  • By lowering the temperature inside the car, you will feel more comfortable and it will lengthen the service life of electrical devices in the car.
  • Blow off the smell in car and keep the air fresh in car.
  • Help to eliminate pet and tobacco odors,Outer solar panel, multi-angle adjustable, can effectively absorb sunlight .Sustainable use in the rainy day
  • Hang the vent on the car door glass;make the solar panel direction to sun,embeded the rubber seal into spacec,life the glass and will be OK
  • Double duct and double motor design improve the exhaust speed effectively
  • Anti-fog on rainy days.
  • Made of durable material,wear resistance.
  • Precisely engineered for easy installation


  • Blades Material: plastic
  • Colors: white, black
  • Product Size: about 175 x 145 x 80 mm / 6.89 x 5.71 x 3.15 inches
  • Speed: 3000 R / M
  • Solar power: 2 W
  • Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Current: 600 mA
  • Built-in Battery Capacity: 800 mAH


  • After complete installation, please check whether the indicator light is on. If the light is on, it indicates that the solar panel has been on working.
  • Please adjust the switch on the left to ON, and then press the button in the middle.
  • The middle button has 3 gears. Press the button for once, and if the fan has been on working, please look at the indicator light. If the indicator light is darker than usual, it is using power from solar panel.
  • Then press the button on the left one more time, the fan is still working. At that time, please check whether there is any change of the indicator light’s brightness. If not, it is using power from batteries.
  • Press the button again, and the fan stops working, all power supplies being turned off.
  • Under normal circumstances, regardless of which gear the middle button is on, as long as the solar panel has stored electricity, it will get the fan charged.


  • 1 x Exhaust fan ( No battery)
  • 1 x Long adhesive tape
  • 1 x Short adhesive tape
  • 1 x Manual
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