Unique Baby Fence Playpen


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1- Safety Started From Structural Design

  • The playpen is specially designed with a rubber base underneath to keep it stand sturdy on the floor and not be pushed or dragged by children.
  • The product promises complete safety and protection for the young guns. The anti-clip design of the junction safeguard kids from the danger of being stuck by the playpen.
  • Its safety locks will give you a sense of relaxation and surely engage your children in all sorts of playful activities within the enclosed limit.

2- Quality Found On Material

  • BPA free, non-toxic and non-recycle material with HDPE, no any odor.
  • The moulding technique makes the structure stronger and durable for years. Any sort of manual deburring will avert the baby from getting hurt.

3- Excellent Product Come From Professional Design

  • The height of the fence is long enough for the baby to stand and walk while the area inside the yard is plentiful for them to explore around.

4- Excellent Product Come From Professional Design

Psychologically, children are attracted to colours and animations which spontaneously makes them cheerful and turns on their mood. The use of professional colour design makes the yard eye-catching and gives children a sense of protection while they are playing.

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