Aluminum Foil Rubber Tape


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  • 10mx10cm
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  • 5mx10cm
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  • 5mx30cm
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  • Waterproof and high temperature resistant, (-40 degrees Celsius – 120 degrees Celsius), elongation rate of 1000%, ageing resistance for 30 years
  • Scope of use
  • Color steel hole repair
  • Wall crack repair
  • Metal gap repair
  • Cement crack repair
  • Damage repair
  • Water seepage repair
  • High temperature resistance
  • Building decoration, sealing repair, pipeline anti-corrosion, engineering construction, more functions. . . . .
  • Made from Acrylic adhesive and Aluminum foil, High temperature resistance, it is a metal tape for duct work
  • Used for shielding, insulating, repairing, seaming and sealing, Mainly used for HVAC, chilly air ducts, dryer vent, vents, refrigerators, air conditioning, hoods, cars, etc
  • Insulation tape: Ensure the heating and cooling effects of the material, it is very suitable for maintenance tasks and insulation tape, provides a durable bond at low and high temperatures
  • Metallic duct tape: Can be combined with most materials, whether metal or ground, can be cut into various specifications according to customer requirements, which is not easy to crack and damage after repeated use or multiple bending
  • Ducting tape aluminum: Using high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, strong adhesion, anti-aging and other effects, good waterproof performance, UV degradation, against flame, insulation, moisture,corrosion


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