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Showing all 5 results

GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer Features Make delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy. Fries six servings of french fries with

Presto Black Electric Deep Fryer

Presto Black Electric Deep Fryer Features Included Components: Cooking Appliances;Deep Fryers;Deep-Fryers Fabric Type: Plastic, Metal Easy to clean! Nonstick surface

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven The fast and easy way to bake frozen, homemade, take-and-bake, and deli pizza. Also great

Presto Quart Pressure Canner

Presto Quart Pressure Canner Features The only method recommended safe by the US Department of Agriculture for canning vegetables, meats,

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer National Presto 05461 Stainless Steel Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer,Silver Features Oblong-shaped basket is ideal