If You Have Problem In Paypal Payment:

From Our Indian Customers And Some Different Nationalities Customers Feedback, They Have Some Problem In Payment With Paypal. Paypal Has Some Issues In Some countries Which Will Resolve As Soon As Possible.

So You Can Follow These Steps For Successful Payment:

You Can Read These Steps Or See The Video Below:

  1. Choose the product with his specification as color, size and numbers
  2. Login in Paypal Account
  3. Click Send & Request at the top of the page.
  4. Click Pay for goods or services.
  5. Enter Our Company email address easylifetoolz.payment@gmail.com and the amount with USD and click Next.
  6. Fill The product description in add note
  7. Confirm from your shipping address
  8. Choose your payment method, leave a note if you like and review the payment details.
  9. Click Send to complete the payment.
  10. After Payment, We will send to you email confirmation to your payment with selected products and your shipment address

Video With Indian Language ” How To Send Money International By Paypal “

Video With English Language ” How To Send Money International By Paypal “

Thanks choosing our company for shopping problem-solving products, If you have any problem …… Contact US